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Please mark your calendars!
Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hey Now Barflies,

Please mark your calendars for a few important dates:

Open Bar is heading back to the beach (Salisbury Beach that is....) for the first time this summer on Friday, July 17.  We will be playing at our favorite summer hot spot known as The Carousel Lounge .  This place never disappoints.  Ask Mike for one his famous rum punches.  They are the best!

Next up is a rare day gig at The Black Lobster in Salem on Sunday, July 26.  We will be playing a high tide party from 2pm to 6pm.  We have a lot of day drinking barflies that really enjoy these shows.  You need to be there with them and us.

The Open Bar Band Reunion gig is Saturday, August 15th at the Carousel Lounge, Salisbury Beach, MA .  It's a night of past and present members rocking the stage. A night not to miss.

Stay Thirsty!