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Let's roll Friday, May 2nd!
Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hey Now Barflies,

It is time to "roll" and channel your inner dude.  Hey man! I have a beverage here!  On Friday, May 2nd you will be able to bowl between sets when you come to see your favorite cover band at the Lynnway Sportscenter in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Don't forget to order a caucasian and help your special lady to conceive.  You won't be bored at this venue.  The hardest decision of the night will be what to do next.  If they don't have it then you don't need it.  Come help us share an action packed evening.  If you have never had the pleasure of seeing the Queen in her damned undies or seen someone draw a firearm during league play then you need to watch The Big Lebowski before May 2 so you can understand all these obscure references.  Stay thirsty and don't forget that the dude abides…