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Monday, 20 June 2016

Hey Now Barflies,

We are extremely excited to be playing Captain Carlo's in Gloucester this Saturday June 25.  It is the last day of the infamous week long St. Peter's Festival that they do every year.  It is sure to be a wild and crazy time.  It's fun to play there on a regular day.  This is going to be over the top!  You could make a day out of this venture.  Check out the vendors and shops.  Check out the greasy pole competition.  But whatever you do, please make it back Captain Carlos before your favorite cover band goes on around 9pm.  Don't forget that CC's is an awesome seafood restaurant as well.

On Friday July 8 we will be returning to The Carousel in Salisbury Beach.  "Best rum punch this side of the Island (Plum)".  This is an actual quote from Mike who is the bartender that makes these beauties.  I don't think he's biased.....  I'm pretty sure he works Friday nights too:)  

You can't go wrong this either of these two nights and no one will think less of you if you decide to do both.

Stay Thirsty!